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Nitobond® AR(STD)

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Latex acrylic polymer based cement modifier cum bonding aid with waterproofing property.
  • For improving and bonding floor toppings, mortar and renders
  • As a bonding agent for Renderoc and other cementitious mortars
  • Polymer modified mortars and screeds for reinstatement of worn out/damaged concrete
  • Good adhesion- Provides good bond to concrete, masonry, stone work, plaster and block work
  • Increased strength improves tensile and flexural properties of mortar
  • Versatile- compatibility with all common hydraulic cements
  • Increase durability of concrete by reducing water permeability
  • Chloride free, hence safe for reinforced concrete
150-250ml per 50kg. cement
1,5 & 20 Ltr Container

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