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LATAPOXY SP-100 Stanfree Grout For Floor N' Wall

LATAPOXY SP-100 is a Stanfree,color \-fast, chemical resistance,100% solid Epoxy Grout for ceramic tile,marble and stone P-100 is ideally suited for resistence and commercial installation where material must resist physical abuse,shock and chemical attack.

Kitchen,bathrooms,swimming pools,fountains,hospitals,opration theatres,sterilzation rooms, restaurants,cafetrious,light industrial application and high traffic areas.

LATAPOXY SP-100 Stanfree Grout For Floor N' Wall

  • Stainfree
  • Color fast
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Chemical and temprrature resistant
  • Non-Cranking or powdering
  • Water cleanable when fresh
  • Anti bacterial and anti fungal

LATAPOXY SP-100 Stanfree Grout For Floor N' Wall

packaging: Factory propotional unit consiting of three convenniently packed component harder,resin(Part A and part B)and coloured filer powder(part c).

Net weight:#1\4 unit(1.4kg),#1 unit (5.5kg)

Coverage: Varies with tile size and grout width

Color: Avaiable in range of more than 40 colors.

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