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LATICRETE 500 Series Sanded Grout

LATICRETE sanded grout is made of blended portland cement,graded aggergrate fortifilers and color fast pigments.it is mixed with LATICRETE 1776 grout admix plus to provides a tile joint thatis strong,hard,durable & colorfast.

it is designed for joint width 3mm to 12mm for non-absorbent & viterous type tile.

LATICRETE 500 Series Sanded Grout

  • color fast
  • Weather resistance
  • Easy maintance
  • Non shriking
  • Non craking
  • Easy application and clean up
  • No wet curing requored when used with latex

LATICRETE 500 Series Sanded Grout

packaging: 10kgs.

Coverage: Various with tile size and grout width.

Color: Available in a range of more than 40 colors.

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