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Laticrete 73
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LATICRETE 73 Crete filer powder

LATICRETE 73 is alatex crete Admix mixed in place of water with LATICRETE 111 crete filer powder/Adhesive to form tile setting beds.Tile setting adhesive made with LATICRETE 73 Crete Admix provide incrsed flexibilty,stronger bond and comparison strength when compared with convencial portland cement motors.This incersed bond stength is aespecially vital when installing semi and fully vitrified tiles,query tile,pavers and other ceramic floor and wall tiles used in highly critical areas such as external facades,industrial plants swimming pools and heavy time in hot waether condition.

LATICRETE 73 Crete Admix

  • High sher bond strength
  • incresed flexiblity
  • improved shock & impact resisantce
  • secure

LATICRETE 73 Crete Admix

packaging: 5 ltrs & 20litrs

Coverage: Approximately 55-60 sq.ft per 5litrs,mixed with LATICRETE 111 crete filer powder/adhesive of 20kg bag using a 1\4"*1\4" (6mm*6mm)squre notch trowel for bed of 3mm.

Color: Grey & White.

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