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MYK AQUAFIN - UM is a economic cementitous, polymer dispersion based highly flexible protective coating and waterproofing barrier
  • Seamles and jointless flexible waterproofing.
  • Cab be applied by brush, trowel or sprayed.
  • Bonds to moist surfaces ithout prime coat. Diffusion open.
  • Water impermeable upto 5 bar, resistent against water.
  • Highly crack bridging, solvent free.
  • Horizontal, vertical or overhead applications.
  • Exterior (positive side) or interior (negative side) waterproofing of new or old below grade foundations.
  • Balconies, Plaza decks, in combination with a UV protection.
  • Underneath tile mortars(showers, sanitary rooms, kitcens, pools).
  • Water, waste water, sea water, marine aquarium tanks and other reinforced concrete structures.

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