Products Recron© 3s, the New Generation "Secondary Reinforcement" for Construction Industry

Today, concrete is used in a variety of innovative designs because of its many valuable properties such as high compressive strength, stiffness, low thermal and electrical conductivity and low combustibility and toxicity. However, concrete is also known to be brittle and weak in tension and develops cracks during curing, due to thermal expansion and contraction over a period of time.

The recent development of Secondary reinforcement in Concrete in various fields has provided a strong technical base for improving these deficiencies.

Reliance brings you the cutting edge technology via Recron© 3s, a speciality secondary reinforcement material developed after extensive research at Reliance Technology Centre.

To know more about Recron© 3s in the construction industry, click below:

  • PCC & RCC, plastering
  • Shotcrete & Ginniting
  • Slabs, Footings, foundations, walls and tanks
  • Pipes, burial vaults, pre-stressed beams etc
  • Concrete blocks, Railway slippers, Manhole covers & tiles etc
  • Roads & pavements
  • Bridges and dams

Advantages of Recron© 3s

Controls Cracking

  • Prevents the shrinkage cracks developed during curing, making the structure/plaster/component inherently stronger.
  • Arrests cracking caused by volume change (expansion & contraction).

Reduces Water Permeability

  • Prevents water or moisture from entering and migrating throughout the concrete.
  • Helps prevent the corrosion of steel used for primary reinforcement in the structure, improving the longevity of the structure.

Reduces Rebound Loss and Brings Direct Saving & Gain

  • Recron© 3s reduces rebound "splattering" of concrete and shotcrete.
  • TThe raw material wastage reduces & results in direct saving in terms of raw material.
  • The wastage of raw material reduces resulting in direct saving over and above cost of Recron© 3s.

Increases Flexibility

Safe And Easy To Use

  • Recron© 3s is environmental friendly and non hazardous.
  • TIt easily disperses and separates in the mix.


  • Only 0.2-0.4% by cement Recron© 3s is sufficient for getting the above advantages. Thus it not only pays for itself, but also results in net gain.

Dosage Rate
Standard Dosage: Optimised as per application. Recommended dosages are as follows:

  • 125gm pouch / 50 kg bag of cement
  • 909 gm pouch / 1 cubic meter of concrete

Field results show that even with a small dosage (e.g. 125 gms per bag of cement weighing 50 Kgs - 0.25%) there is tremendous improvement.

1. Thermal shrinkage cracks Significant reduction.
2. Water penetration Significant reduction
3. Abrasion Resistance Over 40% Improvement over normal concrete
4. Impact strength & Shatter resistance Improves significantly
5. Flexural & Compressive     strength Results show from 10-30% increase over normal concrete allowing smart mix design
6. In mortar cubes Normal mortar shatters, with Recronİ 3s doesn't crack easily under load.
7. Rebound loss Reduced up to 70% resulting in saving in labour, raw material & faster pace of work

Direction for use

Recron© 3s is very easy to use - even for an unskilled mason.

A) Manual Mixing - In case of manual mixing, for best results, mix the contents of pouch in water (say 125gm in 30 litres). Stir and Mix.

B) Site mix

C) Ready Mix

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